BOOST is an online workshop offering product makers, artists and retail galleries a Blueprint for Optimizing Organic Sales using Technology.

Learn. Adapt. Evolve.

Adjusting to the changing times can feel overwhelming. But if we’re going to survive as small businesses in the Digital Age, we need to reach and serve our customers in the ways they’ve grown accustomed to shopping, whether it’s in-person or online.

The BOOST Business Workshop is a 90-minute webinar for makers, led by Maker Town founder Susie Frazier, that teaches you proven tips, tricks and tools for increasing sales in today’s modern world.

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“I gained so much from this workshop. It’s really helpful to learn from an expert who’s grown a maker business.”

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  • Learn why you need a website that’s optimized for mobile and what that means.
  • Learn 5 tricks for taking higher quality photographs that motivate people to buy.
  • Learn why Susie swears by Shopify for managing e-commerce and in-store sales.
  • Learn how to synchronize your online and in-store inventory to save time and sell more.
  • Learn about 2 social media practices that are leading to more sales for many makers.
  • Learn ways to leverage customer email addresses to substantially increase your sales.
  • Learn what you should place inside the box of every online order that you ship out.

BOOST Business Workshop

Online Session hosted by Susie Frazier

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

6:30 PM – 8:00 PM

$100 for Maker Town™ app subscribers

$150 for non-subscribers

Learn to Stay Competitive

Gain access to the most relevant resources to help you better understand today’s marketplace and the various commerce tools being used within it.

Hear It From an Expert

Learn from longstanding artist and Maker Town™ app founder, Susie Frazier, who has over 24 years of selling handmade items locally and nationally.

Apply It To Any Model

Whether you do pop-up events, operate a retail store, take custom orders, sell to wholesale buyers, or run an online shop, the tips you learn will still apply.