Stress less and sell more.

The BOOST Business Workshop is an online lunch hour session offering key marketing tactics and effective tech tips for increasing sales no matter what kind of products you make.

Wednesday, Nov. 3, 2021 at 11 am
held online through Zoom

Learn. Adapt. Evolve.

Move beyond feeling overwhelmed and into feeling empowered. The BOOST Business Workshop is a 90-minute online course that teaches you simple but effective tactics to help you sell more products, save you time, and elevate your brand. It includes a PDF guide of helpful resources and time for Q&A to hear input from a peer you can trust. Hosted by artist and Maker Town founder, Susie Frazier, this session will cover current technology tips as well as longstanding best practices learned over the past 24 years of running a successful maker business with national reach.

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“The maker economy is expanding, yet many entrepreneurs are unaware of the tech tools that can really help them. This course offers simple entry points to expand your business and your skill set.”

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  • Learn 5 best practices for increasing sales no matter what platform you use.
  • Hear 4 social media tactics that will turn your followers into loyal customers.
  • Pick up 3 simple photography tricks that dramatically improve your product images.
  • Understand 2 ways QR codes trigger instant action from in-person shoppers.
  • Discover 1 mobile feature that will help generate repeat business from locals.

BOOST Business Workshop

hosted by Maker Town founder Susie Frazier

Wednesday, Nov. 3, 2021 at 11 am

held online through Zoom

$25 for subscribers with coupon

$75 for non-subscribers

Learn to Stay Competitive

Gain access to the most relevant resources to help you better understand today’s marketplace and the various technology tools being used within it.

Apply It To Any Model

Whether you do pop-up events, operate a retail store, take custom orders, sell to wholesale buyers, or run an online shop, the tips you learn will still apply.

Hear It From an Expert

Talk with a professional artist and product designer who has over 24 years of selling handmade goods and custom artwork locally and nationally.