The Maker Town™ App is a simple tool for consumers to discover nearby makers, artists and galleries to help them shop local. Aggregated by region, this expanding directory offers one-click access to the online stores and brick and mortar storefronts of hundreds of makers, in its first market of Northeast Ohio.

With filters for product categories, price, and type of venue, users can scroll through images to see the kinds of products you offer, search a map to see where your business is located, save your business as a favorite for future reference, and find upcoming local maker events in which your business might be participating.

We welcome all Northeast Ohio artisan businesses to be included on the app! To qualify for a free listing, you must be a maker, artist or arts retailer located within 50 miles of downtown Cleveland and have an active web site or physical location.


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Send an email to with the following details, so we can begin to set up a profile that you can proof. Your email should include your:

      • Company Name
      • Web Site Link
      • Instagram Link 
      • Facebook Link
      • 5 Product Photos



Please be sure your five (5) high quality images are in square format as JPEG or PNG files, the products are well lit, and the overall images are at least 144 pixels wide. The quality of these images is how consumers become intrigued enough to click to your web site, so please style them as thoughtfully as your Instagram posts. We’ll take it from there!

By submitting an email, you are giving us permission to use text and images from your existing web site, commerce platform, or social media accounts to generate your profile.

We look forward to hearing from you!