Attract new customers.
Users of the Maker Town app gain easy access to over 600 places of business that offer handmade items. With an interface that doesn't require a key word search for browsing, our app allows makers to be discovered organically, just like they would at an art show.
Be part of a movement.
Joining the Maker Town community is a great way to validate small business artisans as a sector worthy of support. We highlight our members through our blog and create media partnerships that spotlight the people behind the handmade movement.
Meet various makers.
Maker Town Markets are a great way to connect with many active members of the maker movement. Located outdoors in the summer on Sundays in the Cleveland's Hingetown neighborhood and indoors at 78th Street Studios on Third Fridays.
Promote your events.
Our platform can make your next exhibit or pop-up market more visible to thousands of art lovers across Ohio. Subscribing members of Maker Town get free event listings on our app and at least one featured post on our Facebook and Instagram accounts!
Highlight your business.
When you subscribe to Maker Town, you're eligible to purchase our "Row Takeover" feature that allows your product images to be clustered together at the top of our app's image feed, so your business will be immediately seen in your product category.
Expand your knowledge.
Through our BOOST Business Workshop we teach makers 15 valuable tips and strategies for increasing sales no matter what kind of products you make. Presented by Maker Town founder, Susie Frazier, who has over 24 years experience running an art business.

Our Vision

We believe that every local dollar counts toward a more vibrant economy, where makers and artists can earn a living as entrepreneurs sharing their handmade products to nearby consumers.

We believe that if buying local were as simple as shopping Amazon, more people would choose craft over convenience.

We believe that mobile technology can unlock exciting new ways to build more connection and community between makers and local customers.

We believe a localized maker movement is alive and growing within hundreds of cities across America. The Maker Town platform exists to help it thrive.

Q + A

How can I start using the Maker Town™ app?
Download the Maker Town app to your mobile device or tablet through the app stores on Apple and Google Play. It's FREE for all users to access.
Am I able to shop for products directly on the app?
No. The Maker Town app is not a commerce platform in which sales take place. It’s a directory app that shows you, at a glance, what types of handmade products/services are available in your area and links you to the maker places of business where you can access them.
How do I put my maker business on the app?
Click on the JOIN US tab within this web site and follow the instructions to become a subscriber. From there, your business profile will be created, and you'll have access to several benefits that can help make your business more visible to locals in your area.
What is the Maker Town™ Market and how can I be a vendor there?
It's Northeast Ohio's newest urban pop-up that takes place within Cleveland's Hingetown neighborhood on the 5.6 acre outdoor site of Saucy Brew Works, called Vibe Garden. To begin your application process, click on the MARKET tab within this web site and following the instructions.
Does Maker Town support maker businesses outside of greater Cleveland?
Currently, the Maker Town app features businesses located in Northeast Ohio. Our vision is to expand to include the makers of Columbus, Ohio next, then eventually to other markets beyond. If you're a Columbus maker and would like to be added to our growing database, please email us at [email protected].
Can I advertise my event or brand to the users of the Maker Town™ app?
Yes! We offer several a la carte advertising options within the app for short or long term periods, which also include exposure through our social media accounts. Please email [email protected] for details on how we can create more visibility for your next event or shopping special.

About the Founder

The Maker Town™ app was created by Susie Frazier, a pioneering artist, author and entrepreneur, whose innovative products and projects have brought attention to the  handmade movement for the past 23 years.

In 2005, Susie launched Cleveland’s very first printed gallery guide and produced it for three years in partnership with Cleveland Magazine, who continued distributing it through 2012. Susie was also the founder of Sparx City Hop, a nationally recognized program that showcases artists, arts retailers and arts festivals in order to drive more commerce in the Downtown Cleveland area. The program is now in its 18th year and is run by the Downtown Cleveland Alliance.

Susie currently operates a retail showroom inside 78th Street Studios, where her ongoing marketing efforts have been credited with raising the visibility of the popular THIRD FRIDAY art walks. Susie’s studio can be found through the Maker Town app (of course!) and at her website susiefrazier.com.