Find local makers near you.
Use the Maker Town™ app as a directory to discover over 600 places where you can shop for handmade goods in Northeast Ohio. Feel a sense of pride knowing when you click through to a maker's website, you're initiating potential commerce that supports your regional economy.
Discover new handmade goods.
With 8 product categories to help you filter any search, you can stumble upon makers and galleries that sell exciting handmade art, furniture, home decor, jewelry, fashion, wellness products, paper goods, and pet items that you never knew existed in our region!
Learn about upcoming events.
The Maker Town™ app shows you listings of maker workshops you can try, art shows you can attend, and virtual experiences you can enjoy. All the events listed in our app focus on local activities related to the Maker Movement.
Save your favorites.
Think about the last time you attended an art event and wish you could remember the name of the artist you loved. Use our app to “heart” your top listings for future reference when you're shopping for special gifts or want a piece of furniture made.
Browse by budget.
Our filters allow you to see results for all the makers who sell items under $100. Whether searching for a one-of-a-kind accessory or a commissioned piece, you’ll find makers and artists in your price range.

Our Vision

We believe that every local dollar counts toward a more vibrant community, where makers and artists can make a living by sharing their talents with the world.

We believe that if buying local were as simple as shopping Amazon, more people would choose craft over convenience.

We believe that technology can unlock exciting new ways to build connection and community.

We believe the maker movement is alive and well here in Northeast Ohio. The Maker Town app exists to help it thrive.

Q + A

How can I use the Maker Town™ app?
Access the Maker Town app through a single web link found at MakerTownUSA.com. In late 2020, you will be able to download it to your mobile device from the Apple or Google app stores.
Am I able to shop products directly on the app?
No. The Maker Town app is not a commerce platform in which sales take place. It’s more like a concierge that tells you what products/services are available and where to find them.
What types of makers, artists and designers can I find on the app?
The Maker Town app shows you retail boutiques, art galleries, workshops, studios and virtual stores where you can find handmade items made locally in Northeast Ohio. Whether they work in fabric, metal, clay, glass, paint, wax or wood, the makers, artists and designers of today are handcrafting small batches of quality goods that consumers want to buy. The Maker Town app features makers of all types. Is there something you’re looking for but not finding? Contact us at Info@MakerTownUSA.com.
Can I only find makers/artists in Cleveland?
Currently, the Maker Town app features businesses located in Cleveland and surrounding Northeast Ohio communities. Our vision is to expand to new regions across the US. If you’re interested in exploring the Maker Town app for your city, please contact us.
Am I able to narrow my maker/product search to my specific interests and needs?
Yes. You can filter by category, price, or location to pinpoint the perfect place to buy what you’re seeking. Or, browse around to uncover something new! You can also get map directions to a specific location or click into a maker’s online store to make a purchase, whether it’s hosted through Etsy, Amazon or someplace else.
I am a maker, artist or designer who would like to be featured on the Maker Town app. Who do I contact for more information?
For more information on how to integrate your own brand and partner with the Maker Town app, please visit MakerTownUSA.com or email info@MakerTownUSA.com.
I use the Maker Town app and need assistance. Who do I contact for more information?
For questions or inquiries about the Maker Town app, please email Info@MakerTownUSA.com.
Can shoppers communicate directly with makers through the app?
Once shoppers find a maker listing on the app, they can link to the business website where they can find contact information.

About the Founder

The Maker Town™ app was created by Susie Frazier, a pioneering artist, author and entrepreneur, whose innovative products and projects have brought attention to Cleveland’s art scene for the past 23 years.

In 2005, Susie launched Cleveland’s very first printed gallery guide and produced it for three years in partnership with Cleveland Magazine, who continued distributing it through 2012. Susie was also the founder of Sparx City Hop, a nationally recognized program that showcases artists, arts retailers and arts festivals in order to drive more commerce in the Downtown Cleveland area. The program is now in its 18th year and is run by the Downtown Cleveland Alliance.

Susie currently operates a retail showroom inside 78th Street Studios, where her ongoing marketing efforts have been credited with raising the visibility of the popular THIRD FRIDAY art walks. Susie’s studio can be found through the Maker Town app (of course!) and at her website susiefrazier.com.