Rhandi Foster

  • Name: Rhandi Foster
  • Business Name: Choate Body
  • Year: 2017
  • Type of Products: Handmade organic skincare for problem skin types
  • Price Range: $20 – $30 
  • Website: ChoateBody.com
  • Storefront: Online only

At what point in your life did you decide to become a professional maker?

When I was working in sales at Nordstrom’s women’s department, I tried a lot of their products and most of them stripped my skin. I have dry skin and eczema, so after that happened, I started looking for different herbs and oils to help. I experimented with different ingredients, using myself, my mom, and my sisters as guinea pigs. A lot of research on plants that deal with inflammation went into my products.

I had my first event in 2017 with barely any branding. I had no idea if people would even like my products. But I completely sold out! That demand motivated me to grow my business.

What’s one of the most special items you make and why?

My skin is very dry, and lotion never really worked for me. I always had to mix it with oil. So, my favorite product is my body butter. It calms the skin.

A little bit of it goes a long way! It leaves you moisturized without being greasy. This is especially important in dry, scaly areas – knees, feet, hands. I use it head to toe. Nothing else makes my skin feel that way.

My customers with problem skin tell me it really works for them. A customer who had dermatitis received it as a gift and my cleanser helped her clear it up. This is so important to me: soothing vibes and rejuvenation. Self care is so, so important. Our products are made to relieve skin. And our customers feel that.

If you listen to music while creating, what’s on your playlist?

I handmake everything and package all of it. I even design and print my own labels. That means a lot of time doing repetitive tasks. My playlist depends on what I need to get done. Lately, I’ve been watching “Girlfriends” on Netflix in the background, which keeps my mind busy while I’m working on building my inventory!  

Where do you go to find inspiration in and around Cleveland?

I’m inspired by the raw materials we have available in Cleveland. We get our beeswax and honey locally.